What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing – O. Wilde

We want to promote craftsmanship in the context of contemporary society, to reassert the significance of things made with passion and dexterity by human hands in our increasingly throw-away world.

Emphasis on refined, understated design with bold and ingenious concepts and superlative materials, uncompromising when it comes to quality, retaining a sense of integrity and quality at their core, which to us means a discreet form of luxury, creating an overall feeling of refined elegance, the impression that is at once classic and surprisingly modern.

An interesting line between high-grade materials, cutting edge technological processes and handcrafted production methods, with a small batch mentality and artisanal attention to detail, our products are created form our own needs and interests, in limited editions that reveal the human element involved in its building, a purity of purpose with melded tradition and innovation, beauty and integrity if the final product. In short , honestly designed

For a manufacturer that relies on ingenuity and craftsmanship, curiosity and a willingness to experiment the human element is cornerstone of success, we look for the best employees, invest in their training and continuously improve their working conditions. Highly specialized and intricate craft can take many years to master!

By utilizing traditional artisanal techniques in a contemporary way, blended with what modern technology has to offer, through meticulous handwork at a human scale, we focus on undertake every process “in-house”, each department reflect all the necessary steps to produce one of pieces with the dedication needed to master a particular craft and a love of the unique and beautiful.

For us a product is about more than the final piece, it´s the culmination of the steps that it takes to get there, from sourcing, cutting, stitching and finishing

It´s our ability to produce everything required to complete a piece with unwavering dedication to excellence in what we produce and a devotion to a lifetime of learning, that really gets us and our clients value. The value of personal relationship, the value in techniques saved form extinction, the value to a community centered around craft production, the value in hard work. The value in sourcing materials responsibly and the glorious reality that there are still some things money can´t buy.

That is the spirit we want to celebrate